If you are interested in this project apply here until 26 January 2020.

📬 Youth exchange project “Dove of peace-Peacebuilding through music ” in Turkey

Date📅:11-18 April 2020 (excluding travel dates )

Location : Ardahan, Turkey

Participating countries: Romania, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey

🍽 Food and 🏡accommodation are provided by the organisers  in Ardahan, Turkey

Age and 👫participants:

-6 participants (18-30 years old) + 1 leader (18+)

Activities in the program:

-youth empowerment

-intercultural learning🗣

-capacity buiding👥


-cultural growth🧠



–  music activity

– international evenings💃


  • Musicians with good playing skills.
  • Singers with good vocal skills.
  • All musical instruments are welcome.

Dove of Peace is 8 days long youth exchange for 49 young people from project partners countries which includes refugees and host community members and followed by a live concert. It’s grassroots music activity that connects individual musicians who play different instruments & genres (who also probably never played in a band or performed live before), alongside industry experts to create bands, work together on composing original songs then compete live on stage. The high-pressure environment with a mixture of diverse styles, skills, and talents create the perfect formula for music innovation and creativity, making it possible for bands to originate new music styles and genres. The challenge starts in theoretical sessions related to peace, intercultural learning, and social cohesion than participants work in groups to prepare, the exchange ends with a competition between the newly-formed bands in front of an audience and a judging committee which ends up selecting the best band.

The theme centres on innovation, youth empowerment, knowledge exchange, cultural growth, community and capacity building, and disruption of the music scene through connecting fragmented underserved talents together to exchange knowledge and expertise with the guidance of industry experts. The intention is to open up new possibilities for individual musical talents who lack the tools to go professional and to provide the right ecosystem for musical innovation.


Call for participants Dove of Peace – Peacebuilding Through Music Project-Turkey

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