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📬Youth exchange project “Games for peace” in Spain

Date📅: 20-27 October 2021

Location: El Palmar, Cadiz, Spain

Participating countries: North Macedonia, Turkey, Portugal, Romania, and Spain.

🍽 Food will be typical and 🏡accommodation is provided by the organisers in Spain.

Age and 👫participants:

-5 participants 18 and 27 years

Imagine the possibilities of a global community coming together to drive positive social change through peace, health and education all over the world. Sport can play a vital role by bringing millions of people of all ages together to set common goals and to foster peaceful cooperation to achieve them. The participants of this project will advocate what sport can accomplish in your community and around the world.
As you play today, think about the power of sport, how it benefits your health, fosters peaceful cooperation, enables learning, and builds your community. Think beyond today but to the future; how you as an individual can help the world achieve all the Sustainable Development Goals and how you will continue to be part of a global team to play for this purpose. Discover your potential. Share your stories. Spread your goodwill.

Call for participants – Games for peace – Spain

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