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📬Training course project “Mental Health Under Crisis Period” in Cyprus

Date📅: 18th – 26th September 2021

Location🛫: Cyprus

Participating countries🌍: Cyprus, Hungary, Croatia, Spain, Portugal, North Macedonia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria

Participants and age 👫:

  • 3 young people

A few months ago, the whole planet experienced something unprecedented, a global pandemic during which we all had to be quarantined. Μany lives were lost and states were called upon to reduce disaster and protect our lives. In the meantime, our lives changed radically. Suddenly, our routine „broke” and we had to get used to living in „isolation”. So, this program aims to express creatively through different tools of arts (creative writing, painting, theater e.t.c) this whole range of emotions. To speak, to hear, to feel, to consciously experience this time all these emotions, which we may have chosen to hide deep inside us and free ourselves from them.

This project aims to promote mental wellbeing and a positive attitude in life during crisis times. To achieve that, we focus to create activities that will help participants to evaluate themselves, to manage their emotions and align their behavior to their values. Moreover, self-awareness allows to motivate themselves and manage their stress better and helps them to make the right decisions in their life.

The inspirer of most theatrical methods is August Boal, a Brazilian Director, who experimented with new forms of theater to finally form one new kind of theater. The role of the teacher is taken over by the TFL. with a variety of exercises and techniques that aim first at social awareness reality and then the possibility of making any change. The theater initially functions as a means to better understand the reality that it is around us and within us and then as a means of transforming society.

Call for participants – Mental Health Under Crisis Period – Cyprus

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