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📬Youth exchange project “Something about yourself” in Italy

Date📅: 11th September – 19th September 2021

Location🛫: Naples, Italy

🍽 Food and 🏡accommodation are provided by the organisers  in Naples, Italy

Participating countries🌍: Italy, Romania, Portugal, Turkey

Age and 👫participants:

  • 6 participants (18-24 years old) + 1 leader

Activities in the program:


-effective learning🗣

-career development👥


-cultural growth🧠



– philosophy branding

– creative sessions

– international evenings💃

The project has been designed to unlock the most potential out of one’s character by implementing routines such as journaling, exercise, meditation and self-assessment. We encourage and guide participants to examine and take part in co-creating their life. Writing about uncertainty, past, present, and future, has multiple benefits. Such benefits do not appear bound by conventional categorical domains, as they improve psychological well-being, physical health, cognitive ability and task performance.

Clarifying purpose and meaning into the future helps improve motivation, which is associated with movement towards important goals, and reduces threat, which is associated with uncertainty and doubt, and which may be experienced as hopelessness, despair, and lack of meaning. We want to build up this learning framework by putting in practice non formal education and give chance to any participant to take control of his/her learning. Most of young people find difficulties that are connected to decision making especially when related to the transition from teenage to adulthood.

The program is intended to offer a valuable space and time to detach from the chaotic lifestyle, from the constant buzzing of the phones in order to take out what is not beneficial for our own growth and development ad focus on who we really are and what we really want.


Call for participants -Something about yourself – Italy

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