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📬Youth exchange project “Speak your mind” in Romania

Date📅: 3rd – 10th September 2021

Location🛫: Romania

Participating countries🌍: Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, Greece, Italy

10 young people + 2 leaders

Participant 👫 profile:
– young people aged 16-22, actively involved in the communities to which they belong,
-who have language skills – communication, writing, basic expression in English, necessary for the correct development of the project and for achieving the objectives;
-who are interested in the theme of the project
-which encounters difficulties when he has to speak in public
-who want to develop their public speaking skills for future jobs


  • getting to know each other
  • public speaking
  • debate
  • improvisation theater

Speak your mind” is a youth exchange designed to give young people the chance to learn how to make their voices heard in any situation, through a creative, interactive and open approach, leading to the discovery of their potential to be good speakers and the development of a desire to be a better version of themself. Lack of knowledge involving public speaking skills is a serious problem that affects a lot of people. Learning to develop these skills is very beneficial for individual success, business success, stress reduction, time management, leadership, image and public opinion. Therefore, the project focuses on developing communication skills among young Europeans, bringing them into a multicultural environment and involving them in activities that would enhance self-development.

The main objectives of the project are:

-development of communication skills of 50 young people in the Czech Republic, Poland,  Greece, Italy and Romania, using non-formal methods,
-aware of the benefits of communication by the 50 young people from the 5 participating countries, as well as how they can capitalize on this competence both personally and professionally;
-promoting values: diversity, social inclusion and multiculturalism using non-formal methods
-increasing the self-esteem of the participants by encouraging them to express themselves freely

Call for participants – Speak your mind – Romania

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