The project DREAM (Do real enterprises and marketing) is the idea of a online course where people can join and find the information that they need. In this course they will have 4 levels and level by level they will start building their own company.

Level 1 will contain information and steps to follow in order to find the business idea which is fit for the person who follow. 2nd level will be about the construction, steps to follow in order to identify if your idea is worth in the marketplace or needs improvements. For the 3rd level the follower will have to do task in order to preview his market, to make a research on it and to test the idea and for the 4th level he has to learn about customer target group, marketing and preparing the lunch.

This project comes in help for those people who want to step out of their comfort zone and want to try different things in their life. This project is also for those who have an idea but need guidance for implementations. This online course might be a source of information and inspiration for those people who want to change something in their life.

If you want to be part of this project let us know how can you help us. Complete the follow form and wait for our feedback. Write as many details you can and mention everything. We will read it carefully!

Call for partners-DREAM Project KA 2

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