Sport Senses Project

The idea of ​​the Sport Senses (SS) project came from the need to provide the community with the help it needs and to strengthen inter-community and civic relations. Through this project, we want to develop sports activities for the visually impaired (visually impaired, visually impaired), so that we can provide them with an organized framework for them, which can be integrated into the community they belong to.

Within the project we want to be a total of 5 partners and at least 2 to have experience in working with blind people.

The activities we intend to do are the following:

Conference launch – the moment when we will announce the beginning of the project and begin to be present in the communities we are part of.

Study visit – In this activity partner organizations will meet and learn from specialists how to work in the sports area with people with visual impairments.

TC – This activity will be essential for this project, as we will prepare young workers to be prepared to work with this category of people in local activities.

Local Activities – Each country will organize a sporting event for the visually impaired and will connect the community with them.

Closing conference – We will present in this conference the data about the project, the results and how we have had an impact on the communities we are part of Pretty simple right?

Come with us (Scout Society Association) to change the world for the better!

Complete this form  until April 13 and based on the answers, we will inform you if you have been selected or not.

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