The aim of the project is to stimulate adults to make more movement in the context of the COVID19.

The project „Be active for your life” is a two years strategic partnership, that will be applied to European Union within the Erasmus+ program. If funded it will be implemented by Scout Society in partnership with other organizations, universities, companies, schools.
Within the partnership will develop a mobile app through which we will try to stimulate creativity in order to establish new routes that can be traveled individually but also in groups.
Thus, in 2021-2022 several transnational meetings will be organized in which the App will be planned in details and tested. Also, to encourage the involvement of adult in motion activities and to use digital media, several activity will be organized for them.
We are looking for different organizations, universities, schools, public institutions with it we want to work with in the partnership.

If you want to be part of this partnership apply here until 9.10.2020.

Call for partners- KA 2 Be active for your life

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