Money Smart

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     Young people entered the world without a solid grip on how to manage their expenses or a responsible way how to use money.

    Lack of financial literacy became a problem all around the globe and it needs our full attention in order to make sure that the youth have an important foundation to build on for the future.

    The project “Money Smart” aims to equip young people with the skills and knowledge necessary in order to make behavior changes in their lifestyles so they can develop long-term, positive financial habits.

    We will help them to have a better understanding of what it takes to achieve their financial goals and clearly articulate their expectation, also teach them what is the difference between “financial fantasy” and “financial reality”.

    The activities are built to help the youth how to recognize the range of saving options, understand the importance of budgeting, achieve personal financial goals, use electronic financial services such as opening bank accounts online.

    There is going to be one main activity, a youth exchange for a group of 35 people from five European counties. The youth exchange will take place in Romania and the main topic is financial literacy.


o   to teach young people how to become financially literate.

o   to provide the opportunity to develop and strengthen core life skills they need in order to live a stable financial life.

o   to teach how to be efficient, to understand and maximize the level of income they have.

o   to use technology-based learning to increased financial capabilities.

    The methods used for the project have a nonformal education approach, such as are group discussion, teamwork, simulations, energizers, daily evaluation, presentation. This will increase the quality of understanding and give the participants a better perspective on the matter.


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