Hello dear reader!

If you’re here, it means you’re representing an organization or an institution. This is great because I need your help.

We wish to apply a KA2 project in the field of adults. What do we need? A few minutes on your part to present the idea and if you like it continue by filling in the questionnaire. We want to make a KA2 through which to connect people.

Even if we are in 2020, a year in which technology flies among us, literally, however, not all of them were born with the technological world. We got so used to the technology in around us, we forget that many people were born before everyone else these miracles and failed to adapt to them. We want to design an adult education program through to show them how they can use the internet to avoid dangers and at the same time to keep in touch with families. The idea is in a draft version and we need help to finalize it. Are you ready to make the team?

Apply here until 6.10.2020.

Call for partners-KA2 Adult Education

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