Cyberbullying-the online reality

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     The number of young people who have been taken online has increased considerably, especially in the context of the pandemic. For this reason, in the project we propose to develop and reduce the phenomenon of cyber-bullying among young people by using several tools.. The idea of ​​the project starts from the need to be close to young people, to offer some tools in the online environment (a mobile application and more videos) – where they spend most of their time, which will help them prevent situations of aggression on the internet.

     In the first phase of the project we want to make a series of films (as part of a campaign to combat cyber-bullying) with people from different backgrounds (an influencer, a young woman, a teacher from a certain school, a student, a young people from the NEETS category, etc.) who will present different cyber-bullying situations, their effects and the applied solutions. The videos will be later integrated in the application that will also be developed within the project. Its purpose is to prevent cyber-bullying but also to provide advice to those who will be in various situations to be taken online. Thus, for each type of making in the application will be included personalized tips for their solution.

Project objectives:

-reduction by 15% of the cyber-bullying phenomenon in the 7 European local communities;

-aware of over 1000 young people from 7 different European countries regarding the importance of securing the online activity and the selection of distributed information;

– encouraging the adoption of a responsibility character regarding the identification of cyber-bullying situations in the sense of their prevention.


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