We are looking for experienced partners representing an organization or an institution (University, Company, School, Federation, Local authority). If you are one of the above  is great because we need your help.
We will apply a KA2 project in the field of youth for the extra K2 call on 29th October, so we need to focus and be efficient. Together with you we will develop a KA2 that will challenge the realities of youth of our times. The basic idea is simple, develop an innovative idea of the escape room concept that is multimodal and interdisciplinary and can be adopted to any subject or setting (ex. Covid19 in class).  We have the main idea but we want to give you the chance to express and share your experience, ideas and knowledge. Are you ready to make the team?
Please fill the questionnaire if you want to join and contribute to this awesome project!


Apply here until 7.10.2020

Call for partners -KA2 Youth Escape COVID

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