Never give up

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    We can see that it is a big urge nowadays for people to start recycling and wasting less. After events like the fires of the Amazon rainforest, the shrink of the solid waters, countries like UK that are building walls in order to be prepared for the water that will come due to the water levels raising, it is time to take action. The picture of the Netherlands being half under the water in 100 years is one Google click away. The geographers are saying that the Romanian Danube Delta might turn into ground and later into desert.

     This project aims to help people understand better the situation we are facing and how to save our planet as much as possible. It will include activities like waste collecting, ways to reduce the used resources, creative ways for reusing the things that we would normally throw to the trash, understanding what global warming is and the science behind it, a plan that the participants would create in order to make the people in their communities and further aware of the help that is needed in order to conservate the Earth and many more.


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