Young People and Citizenship Education in the EU

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     The project ‘Young People and Citizenship Education in the EU’ focuses on the need to empower the young generation to become active citizens within the EU community. In order to approach this need, the Project aims at providing the young people with the essential knowledge about the European Union values and citizenship, how politics influence their day to day lives and how they could participate effectively in the life of the local, national and international community.

     Throughout the project, the participants will be involved in plenty of activities that will challenge their creativity, resilience and critical thinking and will help them brainstorm for ideas for bridging gaps between young people and citizenship education and to thinking about ways to raise awareness regarding EU values and the benefits of European Citizens. Would you like to learn even more about how to become an active citizen in your community? Come join us and embark in this journey! All young people actively involved as citizens!



Call for partners KA1 – Young People and Citizenship Education in the EU –

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