Dear future partners,

Erasmus+ Sport April deadline is around the corner, so if you need a reliable partner from Romania with experience in Sports contact us! Among our experiences are sport for all movement, traditional sports, yoga/meditation and mindfulness, extreme sports and E-Sports. If you need more info from our side let us know.

Also we have some Sport projects with which we want to apply. Please consider to take a look on the descriptions below and if you are interested in one of them please complete the application form ASAP.

Let’s build networks not one time projects!

Korfball – Small Collaborative

Do you know about Korfball?
You have members interested in a basketball? 
You want to promote a sport that supports inclusion?

This are just a few questions that you need to ask yourself before thinking in being a partner for this project. Is important to have previous experience in korfball/basketball/ handball or other team games.

We aim to develop the level of acceptance of who we are, the quality of courage, the ability to create our future and many more through Korfball. Also the inclusion part plays an important role in the project, we want to promote the equality between man and women for all ages.


E-platform for athletes – Big Collaborative

Do you have experience in creating e-platforms? Are you able to create learning content for athletes and former sport people? Than this project is for you!

We are looking for 9 organisations to create together with us a MOOC platform to be used especially by athletes, coaches, managers and staff, but also by volunteers involved in sports activities and members of non-profit organisations working in sports. Are you one of them?

E+T=Sports – Small Collaborative

We are looking for 4 partners who think that E-Sports go together with Traditional Sports in order to promote a multisport environment where all people are active in society and understand their differences and appreciate each other. If you have experience in any on them and can contribute to the project please let us know.

“United we stand, divided we fall.”

Outdoor Sports – Small Collaborative

Do you work with outdoor education and/or with outdoor activities in your daily organisation life?  Than you might be the right partner for this project – as we want to promote outdoor sports for all people with a special emphasis on young people with fewer opportunities.

Outdoor sports can bring also people closer to nature, back to their roots so another objective of the project would be to encourage environment protection as way to have healthy and happy human beings.


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Call for partners Erasmus+ Sport

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