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Training Course  Visibility in community

The TC “Visibility in community” started after an exchange of young people whose topic was “personal brand”. After the end of the youth exchange, we have a constant need among organizations. Most organizations, although they offer useful and qualitative programs and activities to the community, often the community is not aware of these projects and loses the opportunity to be involved. Through this training course, we want to offer the youth workers the methods and solutions by which they can increase the visibility of the organizations in the community so that they can attract more citizens of the community in their activities. The project will involve 5 youth workers from 7 participating countries
During the training course, the youth workers will learn:
– methods of using social networks
– methods of using digital devices
– ways to create content
– methods to attract the attention of the community

Youth Exchange – Future Entrepreneur

The entrepreneurial world is constantly changing. Schools and universities do not always provide full or necessary training to prepare a person to become an entrepreneur. In reality, we do not know if there is a perfect way to create an entrepreneur, but we can imagine it. Through the project, we want to give young people the chance to learn how to develop a business idea and how they can express their idea in the community they belong to.
Within the project, we will involve a total of 42 participants from 6 different countries.
The young people who will participate in this project will acquire follows skills
– entrepreneurial
– public communication
– use of social media networks
– use of various digital devices

Youth Exchange – The Influencer

In the digital age, whether we want it or not, we leave our mark on the communities we belong to. In a more direct or indirect way, we come to influence the people around us. Through the project, we want to involve 42 young people from 6 different countries. During the project, they will discuss and raise awareness of their role as an influencer in the community and how it impacts on it.
Within the project the young participants will develop:
– communication skills
– writing skills
– ability to use digital components
– communication skills through social media networks



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