What exactly is coaching? This is a question that many people ask themselves when they hear this term. However, coaching is nothing more than a complex process that focuses on improving a person’s situation in a particular field. Usually young people are the ones who need guidance and consultation to grow and succeed in what they set out to do. Young people are often disoriented, and a person who has the necessary knowledge can redirect young people to the situations that suit them best and help them perform.

Based on these needs and the successful implementation of the first edition of the Coaching for Youth project, which was addressed exclusively to young people, the second edition of the project was also developed, which targeted youth workers. Thus, the project “Coaching for youth 2.0” was developed and implemented by the Scout Society Association from Targu-Jiu, between 01.10.2020 – 31.12.2021 being funded by the European Union through the Erasmus + program. During this period, 27 youth workers understood what coaching entails, how to conduct coaching sessions and began to conduct such sessions.

The main activity of the project was a training course that took place in the town Novaci, Gorj County, which laid the foundations for the process of organizing coaching sessions by youth workers for young people in the NEETS category, in order to reduce the number of young people which fall into this category.

The training course was attended by youth workers from 9 European local communities: Maracena (Spain), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Targu-Jiu (Romania), Turin (Italy), Kırklareli (Turkey), Thessaloniki (Greece), Szeged ( Hungary), Ostrava (Czech Republic), Funchal (Portugal).

With the organization of the training course, over 100 young people aged 16-24 from these local communities benefited from coaching sessions and the topics covered were: local and international volunteering, continuing studies, choosing a job, personal career, etc.

Thus, the main results obtained in the project are: increasing the capacity of 27 youth workers to provide coaching services to young people with reduced opportunities (eg NEETs); increase the chances and employment opportunities of 270 young people in the nine countries of
Europe partners in the project and the development of a new coaching program.

The youth workers who participated in the training course within the project continue to promote in the local communities and at European level through the activities they organize with the young people – the use of the developed coaching services. Moreover, in a questionnaire that was applied during the implementation of the project in the 9 local partner communities – a number of 509 young people, 70% of them reported that they are interested in participating in coaching sessions both physical and online. This is also determined by the fact that 60% of respondents have not participated in any coaching sessions so far.

In this sense, due to the existing needs, we will continue to promote the importance of coaching and we will provide the necessary tools and techniques for organizing activities in this field but also for extending this process in future projects.

Coaching for Youth 2.0

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