Between 01.11.2021 – 01.11.2023, Scout Society Association from Targu-Jiu, coordinates the implementation of the Do Real Enterprises and Marketing (DREAM) project, in partnership with organizations from five countries: INSTITOYTO KOINONIKIS KAINOTOMIAS KAI SYNOXIS from Thessaloniki, Greece; Nefinia from Schiedam, Holland; ARGUS Teknoloji Bilisim Sanayi Ticaret Anonim Sirketi, Ankara, Turkey; Centrum Edukacyjne EST in Wadowice, Poland; UNIONE DEGLI ASSESSORATI ALLE POLITICHE SOCIOSANITARIE, DELL ISTRUZIONE E DEL LAVORO from Palermo Italy. The project is co-financed by the European Union.

It aims to develop an educational platform (MOOC) where participants will have the opportunity to learn to prepare a business plan before starting their company. The platform will hold a course at the end of which young people will be able to master economic terms, they will know how to write a business plan, make a marketing strategy and visualize the evolving economy of small and medium enterprises.

The main objective of the project is: encouraging entrepreneurship in the behavior of young people and developing entrepreneurial skills among them, by involving at least 1500 young people between the ages of 18 and 24 from the six partner countries. This will be possible through the involvement by each partner of ten teachers, who in turn will inform 25 young people.

This project arose from the need of young people to have clarity on the process of establishing a start-up – from the beginning to its actual establishment. Also, the insertion rate in the entrepreneurial world of young people is quite low, and they need a friendly learning environment. In some situations, the information is difficult for young people to access, and the process of understanding them is even more complicated. For these reasons, the Scout Society Association, together with the partners of the project, will make available to the young people through the platform, all the necessary information, so that later, after the information – they can channel their resources towards their business idea.

For the inclusion and presentation of information within the platform, gamification techniques will be used, including levels of progress and experience points, which will be reached once the course is completed. Participants will also be rewarded by awarding online badges.

During the course, users will be guided in the entrepreneurial experience and will go through a series of introductory, reflective lessons that will help them define their business idea. There will be a test phase in which the participants will be able to evaluate their business idea by market research, by evaluating the competition, by creating a test product and collecting feedback. The participants will be able to estimate the annual turnover, but also the period in which they will be able to amortize their investment.

Also, users will learn how to create an image of their business on social networks, how to develop a logo, the company’s mission and values, to create a marketing strategy, to attract funding sources for the business idea, but and to efficiently manage material, financial and human resources.

DREAM - Do Real Enterprises and Marketing

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