Active Citizenship in the New Homeland: a multilingual platform that empowers educators, engages migrant populations, and builds bridges toward a more inclusive society.
In a concerted effort, the consortium behind the ACT NEW HOME project has dedicated the past few months to crafting five distinct learning modules tailored for adult educators, professionals, or volunteers committed to engaging with the active citizenship components of migrant populations.
For a brief refresher on the project’s mission, ACT NEW HOME aims to reinforce the capabilities of adult educators working with asylum seekers and migrants. The goal is to impart active citizenship education and foster the inclusion of asylum seekers and refugees by enhancing understanding
of their rights and responsibilities in their “new homeland.”
Central to the ACT New Home initiative is a robust e-learning platform, meticulously designed not only to empower asylum seekers and refugees but also to equip their dedicated educators. We are thrilled to introduce our Active Citizenship E-Learning Module—an innovative tool conceived to
motivate, educate, and empower.
The five modules developed are as follows:
1. Active Citizenship: Basic Concepts
2. Basic Rights of Migrants
3. Lifelong Learning
4. Participation in Working Life
5. Participatory Civic Life
These modules comprise a theoretical segment encompassing definitions, practices, and challenges alongside a practical section featuring exercises for individual users or collective workshops with migrant learners. Additionally, we have integrated real-life success stories from partner countries to provide tangible examples related to the module’s content. The modules are now available in six different languages: English, French, Turkish, Greek, Portuguese, and Romanian. Furthermore, another language, Arabic, is poised to be included in the project’s conclusion. Each translation isn’t merely a linguistic conversion but also an adaptation to the local context, addressing the genuine needs linked to fostering active citizenship among migrant populations.
Following translation, local workshops will be established to test activities related to the modules with groups of adult educators. These participants will employ the developed material in their professional or volunteer practices with migrant adult learners.
With support available in multiple languages, we extend an invitation to all to join us on this journey toward building a diverse and inclusive society. Access the modules on our multilingual platform through this link :

Empowering Migrants: Innovative Modules for Active Citizenship

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