The project HOSPITALITY aims to offer people affected by intellectual disabilities an opportunity to participate in physical activities focused on soft gymnastics and relaxation, supported by moments of guided meditation. During the courses, the partners will study the benefits of these activities, publish the results and create a good practice manual.

The objectives of the project are:

1. Encourage and promote participation in unified physical activities of people with intellectual disabilities and personality disorders, implementing through courses – organized by each one of the partners – a method that can help both with physical and psychological wellbeing. Each course will have a part of physical activity and a part of guided meditation.

2. Design and implement a study that will allow to collect data and to strengthen a network of cooperation among the partners participating in the project, so that members and associations in each region may take advantage of the synergies and exchanges produced.
This study:

2.1 Describe in detail the current situation among the target groups regarding sport and physical activity

2.2 Help to understand the issues associated with the promotion of sport and physical activity that are perceived as obstacles or incentives for the practice of sport among target groups.

2.3 Propose specific actions to improve the shortcomings which have been identified

3. Promote good practices to stakeholders through the publication of a manual and video outputs.

4. Disseminate all the material, documents and studies produced throughout the project to stakeholders and policy makers working with the target groups.

Specific target groups of the project

Direct beneficiaries:

– Adults with intellectual disabilities
– Adults with personalty disorders
– Adults with no disorders or disabilities, preferably families, friends and acquaintances of the above mentioned target groups, who will participate in the unified activities

Indirect beneficiaries (stakeholders):

– Staff of sports clubs, educators, professionals who deal with the aforementioned target groups that can take inspiration from the methodology proposed for their activities
– Organizations that deal with the aforementioned target groups such as psychiatric day centers, organizations dealing with disabilities, residential centers for the disabled, organizations dealing with personality disorders
– Local, regional and national health institutions, especially mental health institutions, which will be able to collaborate in synergy with sports clubs that want to implement the methodology, so that they can introduce it in their institutional activities


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