From 10.12.2023 to 16.12.2023, the Scout Society held the ESCAPE 4SDG training in Târgu-Jiu with other youth workers from Portugal, Greece, Turkey and Spain and set off on a journey full of fun and learning.

The training was attended by 25 people, who learned a lot about the objectives of the project and the Erasmus + programme. There was a detailed analysis of the Sustainable Development Goals and Youthpass skills were addressed. Participants were guided through the process of creating an escape room, and as creativity was unleashed, fascinating ideas for their own escape rooms began to emerge. Collaboration and communication skills were tested through a simple ODD puzzle, and to make it more challenging, participants had their eyes closed or hands tied.

During the training week, participants created fleets of origami boats and built ODD logos from Lego pieces. They visited the city to discover the Brancusi heritage with the help of a guide, and there was also an intercultural evening where each country brought their most representative materials.

Participants had the opportunity to design their own escape rooms and test them out.

Also, each day, a team of 5 people had the opportunity to play in the escape room that the Scout Society owns.

Project partners

The project is co-financed by the European Union.

In December, the Escape 4SDG training was held in Targu Jiu.

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