In all the activities we have carried out so far, we have found in the media a reliable partner, who is always with us. In particular, implementing local projects and activities in Gorj County, local media had an important role to play in promoting them, so local community information was always done in a timely manner.


Recycle for your life – GDSGorjeanul; Pandurul; IGJIn Gorj; SGorj; Oglinda Gorjului; IGJ; Gorj24; Ziare; Stirimuntenia24; SGorj; Ziare; Lamiareport; Fthiainaction

Find yourself – Gorj24Pagina Olteniei IGJInfoGorjGorjeanulOglinda Gorjului; Ziare

Coaching for youth 1.0 – GorjeanulInfoGorjGorj24; SGorj

Benefits of migration – GorjeanulOglinda GorjuluiRadio Tg-Jiu; europaerestu


Young people act – Pandurul; Gorjeanul

Youth4traditions, Youth4Europe – Gorj24; GDS; Radio Oltenia

O societate fara rasism – Gorjeanul PandurulGorjeanul;

Diversity Flow – Gorj DominoGDSGorjeanulZiarelivePandurulPagina OltenieiGorj24;



Racism does not belong to XXI


Racism does not belong to XXI Romania

No Name

Multicultural village


Proiect ecologizare

Unite against racism


Fight with Sport against sedentarism