Relevance of the project: the “transfer” of young people’s social life to social networks, lack of face-to-face contact with peers and society in general, loss of motivation and apathy; all were caused by Covid-19, which created a gap in young people’s relationships and cooperation. The current situation requires solutions that will re-address young people, motivate them, take the initiative and get involved in public life. To do this, it is necessary to develop a curriculum as a support mechanism for specialists involved in the process of non-formal education in working with young people, as well as to implement the content of this program among young people.

Thus, the aim of the project is to develop and implement a non-formal education curriculum, innovative and effective, for professionals working with young people, in areas such as education, religion, culture and others. Through the activities planned within it will be developed leadership, self-confidence, responsibility, self-motivation, a sense of belonging to a social group, including language and communication skills, personal, social, learning skills, etc.

The content of the curriculum is based on Christian core values, which include patience, kindness, confidence, and self-control, and is an integral part of human personality development. The inclusion of such Christian qualities, skills and values ​​in the curriculum contributes to the elimination of all forms of discrimination, equality, acceptance of diversity among young people, as well as their active citizenship and desire to participate in society.

The curriculum is aimed at young people aged between 13 and 15 and will be available free of charge in digital form in Latvian, Spanish, Romanian and English.

The project is implemented in partnership by KRIMULDAS EVANGELISKI LUTERISKA DRAUDZE, Colegio San Gabriel and the Scout Society, and is funded by the European Union through the Erasmus + program.

The implementation period of the project is 01.11.2021 – 28.02.2023.

Mobile Program for Youth Learners

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