The Mission: To promote the personal and social development of the youth. This is achieved through voluntary work that complements formal, educational, or vocational training. After all, volunteering is not just about helping others—it’s a transformative experience that moulds young individuals, making them more connected, empathetic, and skilled.

Why Volunteering? Through non-formal learning experiences, volunteering enhances both professional and social skills of the youth. The European Union has been a steadfast supporter, offering a plethora of volunteering opportunities for the holistic development of young individuals. This, in turn, creates a positive ripple effect benefiting both volunteers and their communities.

Core Pillars of the Project:

Creating a conducive environment for volunteering within the EU.

Quality volunteering through the empowerment of volunteer mentors and coordinators.

Recognizing the efforts of volunteers.

Highlighting the significance of volunteering.

Learning & Training: The project’s heart lies in honing the skills of volunteer mentors and coordinators. This is envisioned through digital training and on-the-go evaluations. It’s a journey of self-discovery, networking, and actualizing potential.

MP4Mentors Project: Targeting five partner countries—Sweden, Austria, Spain, Cyprus, and Romania—this project is all set to elevate the skills of volunteer mentors and coordinators in key areas, maximizing their impact.

Project’s Key Objectives & Outcomes: From enhancing the knowledge base of volunteer mentors to the application of cutting-edge digital processes in volunteer management, the project aims to cover it all. The expected outcomes range from guiding principles for volunteer coordination to the creation of an e-learning platform.

Mp4Mentors: Empowering the Youth through Volunteering

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