What it’s like to participate in an Erasmus project? This is Bianca’s story about her experience in the project Nature asks for You.

From 22.09.2022 to 30.09.2022, I had the opportunity to be the team leader from Romania in the “Nature asks for you” project, which took place in Stuttgart, Germany.
We did many activities involving nature and discovered ways in which we can find ourselves in nature. For example, in the first days, one of the activities was finding the tree that we connected with and talking with it about the beautiful or less beautiful moments in our lives.

As a group activity, the most interesting was kayaking, where coordination and teamwork were very important to go in the right direction.

We also had a free day, in which we could visit the Porsche museum and the zoo. Together with the group, we visited the Natural Museum, where a guide showed us the animals and told us facts about them.

In addition, we managed to bond beautiful friendships thanks to team activities, such as: recording a video clip related to nature, a game in which you had to trust your partner to walk through a park with your eyes closed.

The best parts of the project were the evenings when we got together and went out.
We also had to do a Romanian workshop, where we decided that each team would make a theater skit that included nature, based on the topics given by us, such as a man who cuts a tree, a man who tries to pick a sunflower, etc.

The traditional evening was also a meaningful part for everyone because we learned new things about other countries, we danced and sang, but we also tasted traditional food.

I am very glad that I had this opportunity to participate and learn new things about nature and, at the same time, about myself.

The project was co-funded by the European Union.

Nature Asks for You.

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