The youth exchange “One Team One Dream” took place between April 9 and 17 and had a non-formal program for young people aged between 16 and 25 years. The youth exchange was hosted by Fthia In Action in Greece in partnership with organizations from Romania, Turkey, Latvia, Norway, Hungary and Portugal.

In order to achieve the stability objectives, non-formal education methods were used in the youth exchange program – it has been discussed sports, inclusion / social exclusion, about people with fewer opportunities; participants learned to apply skills developed in practice, generated new project ideas that promote the involvement of young people in sports activities, understand what social and learning skills can be acquired by practicing different types of sports and met with representatives of local organizations.

For 7 days – 28 young people, plus 7 youth leaders, met where they created a space for the exchanges of experiences, inspirations and promoted awareness of global issues. The project encouraged participants to become more active and socially responsible members.

The objectives of the project were:

– Facilitating sport as an educational, integrative methodological tool that can be applied to promote social inclusion;

– Facilitating knowledge of EU measures in the field of sport, youth, and promoting the involvement of young people in sports activities at local and European level;

– Development of knowledge and skills on how to use sport as an inclusion tool against marginalization and stereotypes;

– Participation in outdoor sports activities;

– Participation in multinational activities, mutual learning of small cultural secrets and highlighting their similarities;

– Promoting learning and interaction between people;

– Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle among young people;

– Development of European skills (communication in English, cultural awareness) and skills in a multicultural context;

– Stimulating the participation and involvement of young people in the Erasmus + program.

One Team One Dream

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