We are doing most activities indoor: the classroom, the workspace, the car, even the apartment we’re living in. Thus, over a longer period of time we feel the need of going out in nature, of releasing yourself of your daily routine and spend some time with yourself or the others in a clear environment, natural. In the project implemented until now we could notice how the emotional state of the group in a more positive one and more intense that influences the final results. The researches and the experience day by day show the same thing: the emotional state influences the performance in organizations. By spending time in nature, people become more quiet, more calmly and this way we are avoiding conflicts, negative vibes such as anger, and the cognitive abilities such as attention, memory, thinking, they are refreshed and work at a optimum level over a period spent in a natural environment. This is why we want to make outdoor education courses in which teens, NGOs, companies can spend time in nature to recharge their batteries, to clear their mind and to comeback with a optimum mood to make their projects. To promote this values and create these courses we need you. Direct the 20% of your income tax to Scout Society, and we will offer you a consistent discount for you and your company at your next outdoor education