During the first year of Erasmus+ accreditation, Scout Society has successfully coordinated five mobility projects throughout 2023.

“Digital Empowerment for Local Development” took place in Portugal and involved youth workers from Spain, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Romania, Poland, Greece and Bulgaria. This extraordinary training course aimed to equip youth workers with fundamental digital skills while exploring the potential of using digital technology for local development initiatives. Focusing on young people with fewer opportunities, the training aimed to overcome barriers and empower participants to use digital tools to create positive change in their communities.

This project also aimed to raise awareness among youth workers about the importance of inclusion in digital practices. Together, we ensured that their future digital initiatives and projects are accessible and inclusive for all young people. By strengthening the digital skills of youth workers, we encourage inclusive digital practices and increase their capacity to support and empower young people in the digital age.

“Connecting Paths” was successfully took place in Târgu-Jiu. It aimed to bring together representatives from various organisations (from Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Austria, Poland, and Lithuania) to create a space for brainstorming new projects and offering opportunities to present their organisations and network of partners. We set out to promote new partnerships, develop more innovative ideas for the Erasmus+ programme and create new opportunities for young people. We are proud to say that our goals have been achieved, and we could not have done this without the efforts and enthusiasm of everyone. This seminar has opened up new opportunities for collaboration and development, promoting a strong and interconnected community.

“EcoTech Youth Ambassadors” was held in Slovenia and brought together young people from Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Romania.

This youth mobility combined digital education with environmental awareness, connecting the European Union Youth Goals and a sustainable lifestyle. Participants gained practical experience through interactive workshops that fostered a deep understanding of sustainability principles. Highlights of the workshops included creative sessions where participants made clothes from recycled materials such as paper and magazines and created posters promoting sustainability. The young ambassadors used digital technologies to promote sustainability, raising awareness, sparking discussion and inspiring action for greener practices within their communities.

Objectives were to raise awareness of EU youth objectives, develop digital skills to harness technology for sustainability, promote green practices and sustainable lifestyles, encourage active citizenship, and promote peer-to-peer learning and collaboration.

“Green Democracy Initiative” took place in Runcu, Gorj county and involved young people from Spain, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Romania, Slovakia and Portugal. We aimed to raise awareness of environmental protection education in sustainable practices for youth, from waste reduction to renewable energy. We also aimed to encourage the political participation of young people by: -partnerships encouraging their involvement in democratic processes, intercultural collaboration -creating a network of young activists working together towards common goals, aligning with EU objectives with a focus on quality education, social inclusion, health and active citizenship. This project was a shining example of how democratic values can go hand in hand with environmental sustainability.

“Exploring the potential of outdoor education”, a study visit to Slovenia. This mobility allowed the Scout Society team to learn about and experience hands-on outdoor education activities in Slovenian organizations known for their innovative practices and positive impact on young people. Participants had the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and learn how to plan and implement outdoor education activities that promote experiential learning and foster personal and social development. After this study visit, the relationships and collaboration between organizations from Romania and organizations specialized in outdoor education in Slovenia were strengthened to develop innovative projects with significant impact on local communities.

One hundred thirty-three young people and youth workers were involved in the five mobilities

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First year of Erasmus+ accreditation

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