We want to bring the quality education in Romania, to build a sistem that helps you to feel free and to discover the pleasure of learning by action, by experiencing and not by obligation or constraint of memorizing a series of texts.
We want to see the youth full of life, withe the smile on their lips that develop their potential, vocation, interests, passion for different areas by creative projects, originals, daring in real contexts, practically of day by day life.
We want to see teens that on their job interview they can tell you what they can do for you and what’s the added value that they can bring to your business and not only how many school they graduated or how many diplomas are included in their CV.
Scout House is a hub for people with initiative, creativity, desire for knowledge and to do, in which you can see yourself in, you can develop your potential and even value your abilities.
If you wish to see that hub in Romania and be part of a international family that believes in well done job and quality education, you are welcome to join the team. To develop educational programs for a better life in Romania redirect the 20% of your income tax to that project.
The first Scout House will be built in Gorj county. We will buy sea containers to make rooms for 50-60 persons, we will build a pavilion and an activities room where we will the international projects funded by Erasmus+ program will take place and team buildings for companies. The entrepreneurs which will choose to direst the 20% of income tax to this project will obtain a consistent discount to team building services. This is why you can consider this choice like a future investment for your company.