Most entrepreneurs say that today’s young people are not well trained or do not have the practical experience they can value in the workplace. Some companies in Romania have begun to educate their own employees, others recognize that the first 2-3 months are used to train employees on what to do.
We want to create an educational system that offers practical learning experience, in which the process is centered on the student and not on the teacher, in which young people can develop skills specific to the field they are interested in, where the potential is valued and developed.
We hope that the young people who will take the mentoring courses from the Scout Society Academy can say in a job interview what they can do for you and what added value they can bring to your company and not just how many diplomas or schools they have attended.
Another goal of the Scout Society Academy is to make partnerships with various Romanian companies in order to give young people the opportunity to find a suitable job easier, and the companies to find the competent employees they want.
To do this we need you. Direct the 20% of the profit tax to this project and be part of the movement that will take the professionalism in Romania to a new level.