Youth workers’ mobility in the framework of the project “Solidarity in crisis” took place in Madeira, Portugal. The event was designed to exchange best practices and approaches in supporting refugees in online employment, entrepreneurship and integration. Focusing on digital skills and non-profit work, the seminar aimed to equip participants with the skills and methods needed to transfer fundamental values such as solidarity, European democratic values and human rights to local communities.

The seminar aimed to increase the capacity of NGOs to work for the benefit of people with fewer opportunities, using ICT skills. Through different training sessions and workshops, participants were able to develop their digital working skills, which will help them to better cope with today’s societal challenges and create a more modern environment.

One of the highlights of the mobility was the opportunity for participants to share best practices in entrepreneurship training and supporting online employment. Through this exchange of information, participants were able to learn from each other and identify new approaches to support people with fewer opportunities to integrate into local communities.

In addition, the mobility gave participants a platform to share their achievements and best practices in supporting and integrating refugees. This was an important aspect of the seminar as it allowed for the exchange of ideas and knowledge between organisations and individuals working on similar initiatives.

The Madeira Youth Workers’ Mobility was a success in that it brought together participants to exchange best practices and approaches in supporting refugees. Through the exchange of ideas and knowledge, participants were able to equip themselves with new skills and methods to better serve their communities.

Seminar Solidarity in crisis

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