The youth exchange within the “Something about yourself” project took place between September 11-19 and was implemented by the TwoplusTwo organization.

The project was designed to provide a safe space for young people to detach themselves from a chaotic lifestyle, the constant sound of phones, to get rid of what is not beneficial for their growth, development and to focus on who they truly are or what they want in life.

The objectives of the project were:

to encourage young people to be proactive as they contemplate their lives and future

to focus on undiscovered potential and creative ability

to encourage positive habits and routine during the day

to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and explore the economy creatively

During the 9 days, participants over 18 years old from Romania, Italy, Portugal and Lithuania carried out activities in the community of Torre del Greco, a town near Naples.

The activities were focused on self-discovery and understanding of the people around you. Meditations, non-verbal collaboration and communication games were just a few of the ones that helped the participants achieve their goal in this program.

Studies show that if one’s level of positivity is high, the brain will receive an impulse of happiness: intelligence increases, creativity becomes stronger, energy levels increase, productivity increases and exhaustion disappears. Through these changes, we can reverse the formula for success and create a chain reaction of success and happiness.

One of the unique activities in which the participants were involved was a type of alert meditation in dance steps, in a room with limited space. One of the things to learn was that a small space can grow considerably if the objects are moving and constantly making room for each other. This workshop was held by an expert in this technique, who came especially from Germany for this project.

In their free time, the young people visited the city of Naples (where they could eat a pizza at the first pizzeria in the world), discovered the city of Pompeii (a place full of history), climbed Mount Vesuvius (one of the few active volcanoes in the world) and visited other localities such as Sorrento or Salerno.

Something about yourself

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