The training course “Take Action Now!” took place in Braga, Portugal.

This is Iulia’s story about this project:

My experience in this project was without a doubt stunning. I don’t often describe my experiences in projects but this one was special.

The main topic of the project was SDGs (Sustainable development goals). This topic is very near in dear to my heart as I always tried to be sustainable and promote sustainability among my friends and community.

I learned a lot that I didn’t know about SDGs, non-formal education, gamification, planning a workshop and how to work with people.

Also, I had the opportunity to see my old friends again and to make new ones. We were a small group but this make our dynamic work even better. Everybody was so different from each other but in the end, we connected and we became good friends. I will never forget the sleepless nights, the morning energizers, or the workshops held by my favorite facilitators.

This experience reminded me why I love what I do and why I will never give it up.

I have been in so many projects that I forget some of them but I will always remember this one. I felt in love with the city and the people.

Thank you Synergia for this amazing project.

Take Action Now!

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