Our group of Romanians went to El Palmar, Spain from 16th to the 24th of October representing Scout Society in the “Youth Worker Bees” Erasmus+ project hosted by Associacón K’MON from Spain.

The objectives of the project were:
✓ To become aware of the current problem that affects bees.
✓ To become more environmentally sensitive.
✓ To address all the causes that have a negative effect on bees and find practical solutions on both individual and collective levels.
✓ To increase solidarity across borders, tolerance, multicultural understanding, and dialogue among young people using cultural differences as a source of inspiration for participants.

Some of our impressions about the project:

“This was the best project I have ever been to! (and the only one) But still, I really really enjoyed it. I met some amazing people which I befriended, I learned some interesting new things about bees and biodiversity, permaculture, and we did some amazing things: wax sculptures, wax painting, and lipgloss, yoga, surfing, excursions concerning permaculture and biodiversity, intercultural nights, etc. I loved every single minute.” Roxana

“The whole experience exceeded my expectations. This was my first erasmus+ project and honestly, before starting it I had a mix of anxieties, excitement, and fears. But eventually, the worries and fears disappeared as we started the journey of learning about bees, biodiversity and permaculture. I felt connected to the facilitators and this fact maximized my whole experience. Besides learning, we also took part in some amazing workshops like making your own cosmetics and candles using beeswax and even painting with it. We also got a chance to visit a permaculture farm and that would be the highest point for me. I enjoyed it so much, starting with hiking, discovering the principles of permaculture used in real life, and seeing the experiments that will help save the zone targeted.
As conclusion, I will define the whole experience in one word: beautiful”. Georgiana

The project was co-funded by the European Union.

Youth Workers Bees

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