Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) or Concussion and Sports

Sports and concussions go hand and hand. We can try our best to mitigate them during activities, but they are still bound to happen. It is an important topic for parents and kids as concussions can have long-term effects for athletes.

That’s why we wanted to make an all-in-one guide about what to know about concussions, what the next steps are for sufferers, risk by sport, and how we can do our best to prevent them.

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Youth Coaching for Well-being and Employement

A significant problem in recent years in the European Union is the increase in the number of young people at risk, particularly in the number of NEETs (youth not in Education, Employment or Training).

WELL-BE had two main priorities:

(1) to support young people to find a job / continue their studies – by offering coaching and mentorship personalized.

(2) to equip youth workers with the knowledge, tools and skills regarding youth coaching and mentoring.

The project consisted of 2 Training Courses (TC):

TC 1 – in Denmark: Experiment and acquire coaching and mentoring techniques. The participants will train their coaching skills and access knowledge on the subject.

TC 2 – in Romania: Developing a model of coaching intervention for youth. The youth workers meet again to share good practices, weaknesses and tools, what tools worked and what did not, and develop a high-quality coaching model for different youth categories.

The World is my Workplace

The World Is My Workplace project is a partnership between non-profit organisations from Portugal, Bulgaria and Romania that seek to support young people, especially those with fewer opportunities, in obtaining employment in the online job market.

This methodology guides youth workers around organising the following events:

Living Library events on the topic of online career, employment and entrepreneurship.

Expected insights, a step-by-step guide, templates for the Library documents; short excerpts from the Books, the reviews from „Readers” and other feedback, evaluation forms;

„Teach Me in 1 Hour” sessions: preparation, topics, materials, outcomes, evaluations.

Speed Dating events with employers: the methodology of preparation, templates for employers and participants, feedback, expected results, organising virtual interviews.

Teaching the Teachers: programme, results and practical materials from the youth worker’s mobility on supporting young people’s employability. The materials will be uploaded on the website, and some of them will be downloadable and others available online.

Hospitality – Sport project, best practice manual

The project was carried out in partnership with organizations from ASD Meet Lab (Italy) UISP Comitato Territoriale Ciriè Settimo Chivasso (Italy) Rijeka Sport (Croatia) Scout Society (Romania) Courage Foundation (Bulgaria).

The project aimed to offer people with intellectual disabilities an opportunity to participate in physical activities focused on soft gymnastics and relaxation, supported by moments of guided meditation.

the project has as a main objective to:
“encourage and promote participation in sport of people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, at the same time as ensuring their inclusion into society through sport by introducing them to new social networks and equipping them with new skills”.

Speak your mind – Youth exchange

The project was carried out in partnership with organizations from the Czech Republic (LUBLA), Italy (Vedogiovane Società Cooperativa Sociale), Poland (Centrum Wspolpracy Europejskiej “Mlodzi Europejczycy”) and Greece (Dream Team).

The project achieved the following objectives:

-develop communication skills of 50 young people from the Czech Republic, Poland, Greece, Italy, and Romania by using in workshops different methods of non-formal education;

-make the participants aware of the benefits of communication, as well as how they can capitalize on this competence both personally and professionally;

-promote values such as diversity, social inclusion, and multiculturalism using non-formal methods;

Out of nothing – Youth exchange

The project is a response to a structured reflection on an agenda that young people
have set out to address in their day-to-day reflection on issues of rehabilitation, integration, dynamic placement in a European environment.

The objectives of our project are:
• The labeling, recognition and approximation of youth orientations, through an
integrated and multicultural dialogue, suggesting cross-cutting and using non-formal learning tools.

• The emergence of communication as a creative tool in the service of young people

 • To deepen the philosophy of the Erasmus + program

• The pluralism of ideas and ideas

• The protection of human rights

• Solidarity and respect for diversity

• Getting to know the reality at national and European level, on employment law and the role of young people in Europe

• Develop respect and tolerance for groups with fewer opportunities

• Exchange of good practices and promotion of cooperation between peoples

• Proper use of multimedia in the service of young people

• Enhancing the integration of employability of young people with fewer opportunities, including people outside the labor market, education and training, with a focus on young people on the verge of being marginalized.

Brand Yourself for Future – Youth exchange

Brand Yourself for Future was a Youth Exchange project hosted by Scout Society in Romania and co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. Scout Society is an organization that, together with some adults from different countries, work for youth development and specifically through non-formal education methods.

Participants from 5 different countries were involved. The purpose of this project was mainly to educate young people about personal branding, integrating
self-promotion to increase employability among young people.

In other words, creating an organized personal profile that provides relevant information about our abilities and qualities can often be very important when pursuing and getting a job that interests us.

Consequently, workshops and activities connected to self-promotion were carried out. Both the organizers and the different teams had the opportunity to create workshops and the responsibility to lead and perform them with the participants.

Recycle for your life – Youth exchange

This project’s aims to increase the involvement of young people in the recycling process, by informing them about the importance of this process and about the various ways they can recycle.

The impact of the project is to inform the participants and their local communities about the importance of recycling and to stimulate recycling in the everyday life of the participants and in the local communities.

The project also gave the opportunity to learn about other cultures in a practical way while the participants improved their social and language skills.

Benefits of migrations – Youth exchange

In the context of globalization, migration inside and from the outside of Europe has increased and, with it, so have the negative attitudes towards immigrants. Therefore, this project was a youth exchange initiative for young people, which aims where to promote a positive attitude towards immigrants in Europe by informing young people on the benefits of migration. We reached this goal by:

informing youngsters on the economical variation in the context of migration;

raising awareness on the benefits of migration on society;

helping develop competencies and skills, in a multicultural context which are essential for the personal development of 40 young people, aged 16-20, from Spain, Greece, Poland and Romania.

Find yourself – Youth exchange

The project “Find yourself” was about sport and healthy lifestyle. The purpose of the project was to help young people to maintain their physical and mental health, to cope better with stress, to be able to work with their emotional problems and also to do more sport .

In the project we had the opportunity to identify our problems and how to solve them. We learned what should we eat for having a heathier life. We learned how to do yoga and meditation as relaxation methods.

In the project we could rise level of our confidence, self-esteem and emotional stability. We were cooperating with people from different country, with different characters and learning how to treat others equally and give help to people who need.


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