Speak your mind – Youth exchange

The project was carried out in partnership with organizations from the Czech Republic (LUBLA), Italy (Vedogiovane Società Cooperativa Sociale), Poland (Centrum Wspolpracy Europejskiej “Mlodzi Europejczycy”) and Greece (Dream Team).

The project achieved the following objectives:

-develop communication skills of 50 young people from the Czech Republic, Poland, Greece, Italy, and Romania by using in workshops different methods of non-formal education;

-make the participants aware of the benefits of communication, as well as how they can capitalize on this competence both personally and professionally;

-promote values such as diversity, social inclusion, and multiculturalism using non-formal methods;

Benefits of migrations – Youth exchange

In the context of globalization, migration inside
and from the outside of Europe has increased
and, with it, so have the negative attitudes
towards immigrants. Therefore, this project was
a youth exchange initiative for young people,
which aims where to promote a positive attitude
towards immigrants in Europe by informing
young people on the benefits of migration. We
reached this goal by:

informing youngsters on the economical
variation in the context of migration;

raising awareness on the benefits of migration
on society;

helping develop competencies and skills, in a
multicultural context which are essential for
the personal development of 40 young people,
aged 16-20, from Spain, Greece, Poland and


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